Mee Siam

Serving 3 - 4 pax
Preparation Time 20mins
Skill Intermediate

For mee siam
1 pack PRIMA TASTE mee siam paste
1 pack Bee hoon sambal (Included in
PRIMA TASTE mee siam paste pack)
2 Whole eggs
1 pc Square bean curd, cubed
120g Bee hoon
Lime juice to taste

For the garnish
Spring onions, chopped

  1. Soak dry bee hoon in a pot of hot water until soft.
  2. Heat up bee hoon sambal with 75ml of water on medium heat till sambal dissolves
    for sambal mixture.
  3. Add soaked bee hoon to sambal mixture, stir fry for 2-3 mins in medium heat
    till dry.
  4. Mix mee siam paste with 450ml of water in a pot and allow it to boil. Simmer for
    2 mins. Do not cover pot.
  5. In a bowl, beat 2 eggs and pour into hot frying pan and cook until it becomes
    a thin crepe. Once egg is fully cooked, remove from pan. Roll up egg crepe and
    slice thinly.
  6. Deep fry bean curd till golden brown.
  7. Portion bee hoon, egg and bean curd into individual bowls. Stir mee siam gravy
    gently before pouring onto bee hoon. Add garnishes and serve with sambal chilli.
    Add lime juice to taste.
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